Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Corporate World

The corporate world makes me sick. The “Hey how are you? Good you” conversation drives me nuts. We’re ask to dedicate our lives to a cause that is not our own knowing that we can get layed off the second the market goes down. How can we invest ourselves in something that can go away the next day?

They design a ladder for us to climb on and most of the time the only way to get the next step is to push another person out. No wonder it’s filled with know it all babies. No wonder that people want you to get ahead, just no ahead of them.

How can it be changed? I believe the only way is for a company to invest in self-growth material rather than material designed to make them better for the company.

Making a mechanic learn more mechanic skills makes him a better mechanic. Making a mechanic learn self-growth makes him a better person and a better person makes a better mechanic.

What are your thoughts?

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