Friday, August 19, 2011

Communication in Relationships

If sex can be a good indicator of how well a relationship is going, communication is often what causes a relationship to be good or bad.

I recently learned that not voicing the problems is not only not making them go away, it also changes how you interact with your partner. Since it builds up inside of you, you’re more likely to get angry at other small things that isn’t important and may deviate the focus from the main issue.

-I’m frustrated because we’re not intimate often enough. One day, I go in the bathroom and find the toilet paper roll empty and freak out to my girlfriend about it. She thinks I’m mad because of the toilet paper roll when really the issue is the lack of intimacy.
She now focuses her attention on changing the paper roll rather than working on the intimacy issue.

Know that nobody was put on earth to specifically hurt you. People hurt you without even noticing it and those who does it on purpose only do it because they can’t stand themselves. Communicate in a kind way and find solutions together. :)

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