Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Women - If it's Important Then Keep It Simple

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There's nothing a woman loves more than to connect with her entourage and she does so by communicating. It's not so much communicating as it is her talking about anything and everything. This can be a problem considering that most men don't speak as much as women do nor do they register everything that's being said.

When I was asked how my summer in another province was, all I could say about it is that it was "good" but I know some women that go on a 15 min walk and are able to speak for 2 hours about it. Every details of the walk is being discussed and men that care will listen politely even though they don't really care about all of these details. 

Women often say that men "don't listen" but there's often too much information being given and we loose the important details.
If something is important for your man to know then you need to keep it short/simple and to the point - and don't include it in-between a 15min monologue about how you enjoy coffee and what annoyed you with the dog recently.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Humanity Needs Freedom to Reach the Stars

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Dictators thrives in uneducated environments which means that, in this highly technological society, a government based on dictatorship is at a disadvantage. If the educational system of a country contains only materials designed to render someone loyal to the dictators, no great discovery can come out of it. How can their be discoveries when all everyone is ever learning about is how great the dictator is?

Whether it be Russia or North Korea, no great inventions can come out of dictatorship based countries as their intellectual abilities are hindered by an educational system (can it even be called that?) routed in loyalists ideals.

If we are ever to become a space age civilization, it will not be with a dictatorship based government. 

What annoys me most is that dictators can still buy their way into being a nuclear superpower. It's a lot of power for a king/dictator, hungry for power, to wield.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Would Alcohol Be Popular Without Advertising?

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My dad once said to me that he didn't like the taste of alcohol in the beginning - it's something that he needed to get used to it in order to enjoy. If it doesn't taste good then why consume it in the first place? Nobody ever needed to work their way into liking cake...

People start drinking because if the advertisement surround it. Every alcohol commercial shows people having a great time and that’s essentially what people are buying into. They don’t buy alcoholism, they don’t buy the bitter taste, they don’t buy “fun”, they certainly aren't buying the "health" benefits.

While I doubt we’ll ever see the day when alcohol will go away entirely, my hope is that we find ways to enjoy ourselves without it as it tends to bring out the worse in us. It's illegal for cigarettes companies to advertise their products... why isn't there similar restriction on alcohol?

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Why We Fear A.I.


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Programs are created by programmers to fulfill specific purposes that are predictable. A.I. may be feared today because it’s code that has a degree of unpredictability to it. 

When you use a search engine, the search functionality looks for the keywords you’ve inputted and returns results that most closely relates to them. Even if you may not know what it will return, you know how the information is gathered - it’s predictable.

When using an A.I., the results contains additional content that, while helpful, is unpredictable and may differ from one result to another for the same keywords. Getting results from the A.I. of today most closely resemble a discussion with a subject matter expert than a typical search engine.

Another reason why people fear A.I. is because of the jobs that it will, inevitably, replace. If you wonder which job are going to be replaced first just think about what information you're looking for with the A.I. that's available to day. Chances are high that who ever would of provided that information to you, in-lieu of A.I., is negatively impacted by it already. It's kind of difficult, for example, to justify going to a fitness professional to design a workout plan when the A.I. is perfectly capable of creating one. While it may not be perfect - it's something, that's free, and something is better than nothing.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

For A.I. Data is Everything

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At a high level, Artificial Intelligence is 3 things:
  • A Dataset: The information the A.I. looks through to answer its queries.
  • A.I. Framework: The code responsible to transform the input request into computer language, search through data and transform it into an answer that a user can understand.
  • Input Source: Anything that can be digitized can be used as an input for A.I. (Audio, Video, Text...etc.)
Many believe that the A.I. Framework is the most important part of A.I. but the data is just as important as the code that looks through it as without it the A.I. isn't able to create any output.
We need to think of this in similar ways as how humans create new data. We may think that we're original in our ideas but our memory is what inspires new ideas. The data, for A.I., is the same as memory is to humans.

As the rise of A.I. is in full swings, many companies are looking into ways to integrate A.I. into their services not realizing that they need a dataset in order for it to function.
I've also noticed many investors throwing their money out at any companies that mentions A.I. but I think we need to look at it from the perspective of the dataset. The most valuable companies today aren't necessarily the ones that work with A.I. but the ones that have the best datasets. Whether it be Meta, Tesla, Microsoft, Pharmaceutical... those are companies to be on the lookout for as their datasets will become increasingly useful as A.I. progresses. 

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