Monday, August 22, 2011

Opening of a Box - The Beginning of an Experience

The package of a product is where it all begins. Prior to our hands-on experience with the gadget, we first have to unlock it’s secret through it’s box.

Many companies seems to overlook the importance of that starting point. The box is the first impression that one gets, the second being the gadget itself.

Apple mastered the box department. Those of you who got a new apple product know what I’m talking about. The box is so well put together that you really feel like you have something special even before touching the product. It’s like they’re telling us “this product is special to us and now it’s yours”.

That first impression, I believe, helps put apple on top of the chart. If a company put so much care on something so mundane as a box then surely they do it everywhere else (and they do).

Have you had any good/bad experience from just the opening of a box?

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