Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We’re All Different Just like Everybody Else

Our DNA is unique but not our behavior. This is what allows us to be categorized into groups.

There’s various behavioral groups out there, the first that comes into mind is “Kid - Teen - Adult”. What defines a kid? What defines a teen? What defines an Adult?
In this case, each individual, that’s within the level above the next, can probably identify what defines the group that they just came out of.

What behavior do you have and what group do you think that puts you in?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Big Kids

It’s in my belief that nobody will take care of “me” better than myself and, because of that belief, I tend to do things “my own way”. Chris Brady calls it a “Rascal” which is not a bad person, just someone who don’t always follow the “rules” put in place by the corporate world. Which is why I get some “schooling” here and there.

It’s like being a grown up kid. The maturity is there, the respect is there but the “I’ll kiss your butt for a raise” attitude isn’t.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Say Nothing

Lately, I learned about how powerful who ever gives you your paycheck is. Their level of commitment, to the business, is way greater than mine which is probably why they are where they are.

When ever you’re called in the office to get some “schooling”, the right thing to do is listen and say “Yes sir” to what ever he’s talking about. Show some respect and it will go a lot smoother than if you don’t.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Employee Focus

It doesn’t matter the kind of business you have. It doesn’t matter if you create things or offer services to clients. An organization’s most important resource is its people. It’s not the clients, it’s not the customers … it’s the employees.

The employees are the one who provides the services or products. If they’re not happy, your product or service will suffer from it.

Be employee focus, treat them well and it will be returned to you.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Opening of a Box - The Beginning of an Experience

The package of a product is where it all begins. Prior to our hands-on experience with the gadget, we first have to unlock it’s secret through it’s box.

Many companies seems to overlook the importance of that starting point. The box is the first impression that one gets, the second being the gadget itself.

Apple mastered the box department. Those of you who got a new apple product know what I’m talking about. The box is so well put together that you really feel like you have something special even before touching the product. It’s like they’re telling us “this product is special to us and now it’s yours”.

That first impression, I believe, helps put apple on top of the chart. If a company put so much care on something so mundane as a box then surely they do it everywhere else (and they do).

Have you had any good/bad experience from just the opening of a box?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Communication in Relationships

If sex can be a good indicator of how well a relationship is going, communication is often what causes a relationship to be good or bad.

I recently learned that not voicing the problems is not only not making them go away, it also changes how you interact with your partner. Since it builds up inside of you, you’re more likely to get angry at other small things that isn’t important and may deviate the focus from the main issue.

-I’m frustrated because we’re not intimate often enough. One day, I go in the bathroom and find the toilet paper roll empty and freak out to my girlfriend about it. She thinks I’m mad because of the toilet paper roll when really the issue is the lack of intimacy.
She now focuses her attention on changing the paper roll rather than working on the intimacy issue.

Know that nobody was put on earth to specifically hurt you. People hurt you without even noticing it and those who does it on purpose only do it because they can’t stand themselves. Communicate in a kind way and find solutions together. :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Accidents Happens

This morning, I was involved in a small accident in the parking lot of my apartment. We were both eager to get to work and I believe that’s what made us a bit distracted. We’re both fine with only a few scracth on his car and a potential bigger problem on mine (I’m having it checked today, wheels felt a bit shaky coming to work).

I think it’s pretty funny how quick things like that happens. It’s God’s way to tell me “Pay attention!”.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Corporate World

The corporate world makes me sick. The “Hey how are you? Good you” conversation drives me nuts. We’re ask to dedicate our lives to a cause that is not our own knowing that we can get layed off the second the market goes down. How can we invest ourselves in something that can go away the next day?

They design a ladder for us to climb on and most of the time the only way to get the next step is to push another person out. No wonder it’s filled with know it all babies. No wonder that people want you to get ahead, just no ahead of them.

How can it be changed? I believe the only way is for a company to invest in self-growth material rather than material designed to make them better for the company.

Making a mechanic learn more mechanic skills makes him a better mechanic. Making a mechanic learn self-growth makes him a better person and a better person makes a better mechanic.

What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Boss

Being a “boss” is often just a title. I’ve encountered many superiors who I have a lot of respect for and others that … well they’re just superiors.

The difference between the two is how they interact with the people bellow them. Are they giving orders or leading them? Are they treating people as individuals or employees?

I don’t feel like I have to elaborate more on that, we pretty much know the difference instinctively.

If there’s fear towards a superior than he’s just a superior, if there’s a feeling of mutual respect than he’s a leader.

Monday, August 15, 2011


There is such a thing as people living mediocre lives. Some of them will fight you when ever they feel you’re doing something different. They don’t mind you getting ahead, they just don’t want you getting ahead of them.

Some people spend more time trying to destroy other people’s building than building theirs. If you help other people build their buildings, there’s a chance they may help build yours. We need the help and support of other people to bring us to higher heights.

For more on the subject, see my bellow post.

Biggest building in town:

When family and friends turns into the enemy:

Friday, August 12, 2011

Where Are The Men?

We live in a world where men aren't teached how to become men anymore. They're told to quit when things get hard, leave when things get complicated and give up on themselves when ever they can.

Anything worth achieving will demand work. To become who you're supposed to become, you'll have to leave behind who you are.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Don't Have Time for Excuses

Don’t have time for excuses Everybody creates excuses in pairs. One excuses usually sounds good and the other one is the real one.

”If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way; if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse”-Proverb

When someone is unwilling to do something, instead of saying no, he will come up with something to say to “save face”. I don’t really care what the first excuse is since it’s purpose is only to sound good, I can only work with the real excuses and in order to find the real excuse, i have to bypass the first one.

For more on this, I recommend reading the book “How I raised myself from failure to success in selling” by Frank Bettger

Here’s the book on amazon:

Monday, August 8, 2011

Blog Goal

There’s an average of 200 user visiting my blog each month. I want to triple that by this time next year.

The plan
  • After some study, I’ve noticed that there’s a significant difference of page views when doing reviews and relationship blogs. I will do more of those without loosing focus of “Learning is living”. I still want to tap in the many various learn-able subjects that is life.
  • I’ll be my own best promoter. With the help of twitter and Facebook, I’ve gathered a small community that I know is reading my blog from time to time. I will promote my new blogs on those social sites more.
  • Reading more books will help me develop blogs with more/better information.
  • Since I’m continually growing, the things I write may not be true to me anymore. I will do searches, on my blog, for the subjects I want to write about and update those blogs if needed. This will help keep my post up to date.
  • The template I have does the job but it’s something that many have seen before on other blogspot blogs. I want one of my own so that it stands out more.
  • I want to put some ads up and see how that goes. It may help keep people on my site longer and help them find value in it. (Better chance of them returning)
  • Add links to other blogs that’s mentioning a similar subject than what I’ve posted. This will help my readers to have a different view than my own and may help them value my information more.
  • I have a crazy idea of doing contest where my readers could win prizes.
  • Posting comments on other blogs will help get my name out there more. I’ve set myself a goal to post at least 1 comment a day to someone else’s blog.
  • Adding more video/pictures that support the subject of the blog.
If you have anything you would like to add that you think could help me reach my 600/month goal, let me know :)

Friday, August 5, 2011


Trust is the very foundation of a relationship. Jealousy is a lack of trust. It comes from people with low self esteem; they have problems trusting themselves so they believe that others can’t be trusted.

Life is an interpretation of ourselves.

Jealousy is a form of worry. A jealous heart is able to create entire scenarios that never happened and make them so real that they will behave differently with their partner.

If you’re one of those that think jealousy is a sign of love;it’s not. I have yet to come across a relationship book that tells me otherwise.

Not allowing the other person to go out is not the cure of a jealous heart. If you create a prison; prisoners will try to escape to freedom. If you want to trust your partner, start by trusting yourself. Self growth is required to better identify the source of our jealousy and overcome it.

I recommend reading the bible.

Revision Wednesday (on Tuesday)
Blog post edited/re-posted on April 21, 2015

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Leading or Dating

Since I’ve started working on my business, I’ve encountered many woman who has shown interest in me rather than my business. I haven’t done anything with any of them and I find it hard to understand the error in my ways. I don’t flirt or do anything of the sort. I’m only meeting to do business.

Building something like this single is quite intriguing to say the least. If the question “Are you seeing anybody?” comes up, I can just pack my bags and leave. That’s my cue that she met me for the wrong reasons.

Maybe it’s my outgoing personality, or that I take good care of myself or maybe these women are just lonely and want someone to love. What ever it may be, I have yet to find a solution.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Iphone 4 Review

Well this is it folks- I got a Iphone 4 and am officially in the smart phone consumer sphere. While I’m aware that it’s not the best smart phone out there in terms of specs. I do, however, feel like I’m carrying a beast of a machine. My past experience with apple helped with my decision to buy the Iphone. I was very satisfied with my little nano and shuffle and I just assume I would be with the Iphone. I have to say that I was right.

The nano and shuffle are the best mp3 player I ever had. I've got one of the first generation nano and it still works perfectly after all those years. Something I can't say about all the mp3 player I had (I was lucky if they would last me a year!).

Needless to say that I have big expectation for my new Apple product and so far it delivers.

In a nutshell:
+Everything in one place (Phone,Mp3, camera, calendar, games, email, apps …)
+Cool design
+Crazy amount of apps
+Responsive touchscreen
+Good for txting
+Headphone with microphone
+Feels like you have something special
+Supports different kind of music files
+Lots of accessories available
+Frequent update
-/+Full charge last me a day
-/+No physical button for camera(Snaptap app can fix this)
-/+Need Itune software
-/+Need your credit card for account subscription
-/+Can't delete pre-installed apps

-No Flash player
-Lots of bad apps
-Play only .mov movies
-Apple owns you and your apps (If an app is discontinued, it will be erased from your phone)
-Scratch-able screen/back
-Doesn’t fit in my pockets (I do have a big case for it)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

LIFE 11-1-11

I just came back from a Team Major Leadership seminar and I have to say that I’m super pumped about what is coming. There are big changes in the industry that will monetize the “Facebook” concept by distributing information.

There’s no better time to get in the business than today. Who ever starts, today, to build a business structure with TEAM will take full advantage of the changes that’s coming on 11-1-11.

What are you waiting for?

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