Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Iphone 4 Review

Well this is it folks- I got a Iphone 4 and am officially in the smart phone consumer sphere. While I’m aware that it’s not the best smart phone out there in terms of specs. I do, however, feel like I’m carrying a beast of a machine. My past experience with apple helped with my decision to buy the Iphone. I was very satisfied with my little nano and shuffle and I just assume I would be with the Iphone. I have to say that I was right.

The nano and shuffle are the best mp3 player I ever had. I've got one of the first generation nano and it still works perfectly after all those years. Something I can't say about all the mp3 player I had (I was lucky if they would last me a year!).

Needless to say that I have big expectation for my new Apple product and so far it delivers.

In a nutshell:
+Everything in one place (Phone,Mp3, camera, calendar, games, email, apps …)
+Cool design
+Crazy amount of apps
+Responsive touchscreen
+Good for txting
+Headphone with microphone
+Feels like you have something special
+Supports different kind of music files
+Lots of accessories available
+Frequent update
-/+Full charge last me a day
-/+No physical button for camera(Snaptap app can fix this)
-/+Need Itune software
-/+Need your credit card for account subscription
-/+Can't delete pre-installed apps

-No Flash player
-Lots of bad apps
-Play only .mov movies
-Apple owns you and your apps (If an app is discontinued, it will be erased from your phone)
-Scratch-able screen/back
-Doesn’t fit in my pockets (I do have a big case for it)

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