Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wake up Earlier!

We all have 24h in a day. What we do with those 24h basically determines the types of person that we'll become. Those that wake up earlier have a few hours head start over everybody else. The following are things you could be doing if you woke up earlier:

  • Plan the day - Since most people are asleep, you can use this uninterrupted time to think about the day ahead.
  • Power workout - Working out needs to be part of everyone's routine in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle in life. Mornings are the best time to do this as your body has the most energy.
  • Work on a new skill - Do you want to learn a new language? Learn how to draw? Learn something specific to your work? It's easier to learn something in the morning vs after a busy day at work.
  • Press your suit - Got an important meeting today? Make sure you look your best by pressing your suit.
  • Prepare meals for the day - Food is the fuel of the body and it can be difficult to eat healthy when we're on the go all the time. Mornings could be a good time to prepare the nutritional meals for the day.
  • Read - Warren Buffett, one of the richest man on the planet, read 500 pages a day. Imagine how many books you would go through if you read 500 pages a day!

If you're looking to improve your life then waking up earlier, to work towards your goals, is a must. Those few hours, compounded over time, has the potential to change your life. Stop snoozing!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

It's Time to Work!

The mentality today is that we need to enjoy life while we're young instead of waiting until we're retired. It's not a wrong way to see things but whether we like it or not, we have to contribute to society and the best time to do so is in our youth. When we're young, we not only have the most energy but we also have a greater ability to learn.

Those that feel like they're missing out on life or are selling away their youth to the corporations feel this way because they are not working at something that is true to them - they are not following their passion. Work at something you're passionate about and you will not feel like you're wasting your life.

Our time on this planet is limited and there isn't any nobler pursuit than to work towards something that we're passionate about and that can potentially leave a mark long after we're gone. Whether we like it or not, this will require some type of work.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Confidence is not Truth

In dealings with people, confidence is everything. Anything said with confidence can be perceived as truth even though the two aren't related.

We've all got scammed at one point or another by someone who told us something that sounded like it was the truth because it was said with confidence. "I don't feel like he's lying" so we thought.
In a more extreme case, Hitler was using this approach to convince an entire Country that Jews were bad people and they should die. It makes no sense if we approach what he said from a logical point of view but it was repeated, with confidence, so often that people started believing in it.

Salesmen are thought to believe in what they are selling. To be sold on the product themselves if they ever wish to sell it to someone else. To believe in one's product is to have the ability to communicate its positives with such confidence that the listener will be sold on the idea as well.

What we have to do, as the listeners of those messages, is check the facts and form our own opinions.

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