Wednesday, January 16, 2019

You're an Adult Now!

"I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies, for the hardest victory is over self."

What does it mean to grow? To be an “adult”? When I was very young, I used to look up at adults and think to myself that they not only had all the answers but also could do anything. I saw adults as being the very embodiment of the human experience. What we should all aspire to be.
It was a clean, cut, thing. Overtime, you become and adult. You have all the answers and everybody thinks the same.

Obviously, my thinking eventually changed. I’ve seen adults of all shapes and size with all sorts of different thinking. Many of which I don’t aspire to be like because, while they often act a big game, they don’t particularly do anything that I consider meaningful or beneficial to our common experience that is life.

Now that I’ve been making my way into adulthood I realize that there are no cut out paths. There are many different ways to live life but ultimately there is one thing that adults have in common. They have a better understanding of what life is, who they are, and their roles in all of it.
Some will say that being an adult is about taking responsibility for your life. Working, paying bills, being responsible for what you do. There’s definitely some of that too.
We, as a society, like to put number next to the word “adult” but is there really a time when we magically transition from kid/teen and into adulthood? To say that we all become adults at 18 is kind of odd considering that we’re all different. Some will reach adulthood sooner than others. It’s a “are you ready to be an adult” type of question that you internally answer.

“Age is just a number for me! A person is as young as he feels.”
-Sunny Deal

The funny thing is that I don’t actually feel like an adult. I, for example, am just a big kid trapped in an aging body with a bit more responsibilities than I used to have. Sure, my daily reading has made me a better thinker but it doesn’t change the fact that I feel younger than what my body shows to the world. I still like many things that I used to as a kid.
It’s like after a while, my thinking stopped changing as much.

How about you, what does “being an adult” mean to you?

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

For Our Planet's Sake!

We know for a fact that plastic is killing our planet then why do we continue using plastic, that can't be recycled, in our products?

According to there's an estimated 8 million tons of plastic that makes their way into our oceans. Some of that are getting in fish and ultimately our food.

Let's think about that for a minute.

If you buy a bottle of water, the bottle is recyclable but not the cap. Why the heck not? How many caps makes their way into our oceans?
When you buy a box of chocolate, the box is made of cardboard but the chocolates are placed on a plastic surface, within the box, that is not recyclable. Why not?

While I understand that we won't rid ourselves entirely of plastic, we no longer can afford to make single use plastic that can't be recycled. Every new, and existing, products have to consider this and plan their next move accordingly.

We, as consumers, also need to be more mindful of this and do the necessary changes in our purchasing habits to support a healthier future for our planet. Things that we can do today:
  • Stop using straws.
  • Bring our own bags when we're shopping.
  • Buy products that uses less single use plastic.
  • Recycle what can be recycled.
Let's decrease that 8 million tons of plastic/year to 2-3 millions for 2019. What other ways can you think of that would help our planet?

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Stick to your Fitness Goals!

I dread this time of the year because the gyms are jam-packed no matter what time you go in(and I go between 5-8am). Don't get me wrong, I love that people want to get back in shape - I just hate that most will give up on their goals by the end of the first month of their membership...

Stick to it!

It sometime takes years to get overweight. Then why are we expecting to be back in shape in just a few days? Give yourself at least 3 months to see any sorts of meaningful progress. Here are a few tips for you:
  • It starts with a goal. The goal needs to be detailed. Make it realistic, set a deadline for it and remember to review the results weekly to determine progress and make the necessary adjustments to achieve it.
  • Learn the difference between fat and muscle weight. Remember that muscle weight more than fat. Do research on BMI and be sure to include that in your calculation for weight lost/gains.
  • The diet is everything.I said it before ... you can't outwork a bad diet. Sure, you will still get some results when you workout with a bad diet but not as much, or as fast, as you would with a diet that support your fitness goals.
  • Give it your all! Working out is not just about lifting a set of weight 30 times and calling it a day. You're not just going in to put a check-mark on some worksheet checklist. You're working out because you have a goal. You're working out because you're tired of how things are today. You want change - prove it!
  • Mix it up. On the bodybuilding scene, there's something called "muscle memory" which is basically your body being accustomed to the workout you're doing to the point where you're barely getting any results from them anymore. When you feel like you've plateaued, change your workout a bit. Add more weights, do different machines ... anything to surprise your body and force it to adjust. It will also keep you interested for longer.
  • Join a class. The gym is a wonderful place to meet people with similar goals as you. You are more likely to stay on track when you have an entourage that is working towards the same thing as you. Join a class, get a fitness body. Be accountable to someone.
  • It takes time. Be at peace with that. You will feel like you're dying for a bit and you won't see any results - but changes are happening. Give it time. It may of took you years to get in the shape that you got - you will not change that overnight.
  • Learn about fitness. We are interested in the things that we know. Learn about fitness and all of it's intricacies to keep you engage. Read magazines/blog/books - checkout some online videos.
  • Make it fun! To me, working out is a game. Can I lift more today than I did last week? Will I meet my buddy, Jerry, again at the gym?
Stick to it. Remember, you paid for that membership. Might as well use it to the fullest.

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