Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Resolutions - Weight Lost

Those of you, who’ve been going to the gym for a couple of years, will know what I’m talking about.
The most common of new year resolution is “I’m going to loose weight” and during this time of the year, the gyms are full of people … for about 3 months. They go just long enough not to make it and they do just enough not to have any result.

Granted, there’s “Weight Lost” scams out there, but the “Get 6 packs abs in 3 months” ain’t one of them. It’s do-able! It doesn’t take long to get results at the gym, the problem is that as soon as you “cheat” it affects the end result.

When you follow a meal/training program. As soon as you deviate a little bit, the outcome is no longer predictable. How could it be? It’s the same in anything. If I tell you to save a 100$ a month for a year, you’ll have 1200$ saved up at the end of it. If you put more, or less, wouldn’t that affect the end result? Why would it be different when following a program at the gym?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Blogging Tips: It’s not rocket surgery

It used to be a big deal to do a daily blog and, for that reason, I missed a lot of days. I found some tricks along the way that may help you in your blogging journey. Here’s a few blogging tips:

  • Prepare some in advance: I always keep a few blogs somewhere just in case I'm not inspired that day. I prefer doing them at night and posting them in the morning.
  • Read: Reading will help you find a subject and will help with your grammar.
  • Follow other blogs: Doing so will give you ideas of how to organize yours and may give pretty good subject to share.
  • It’s about you: Don’t worry about what people will think about it. You will do things that you think everyone will love but they won’t. Be in peace with it.
  • Be your best promoter: With all the social media out there, it’s super easy to make your blog interact with Facebook, twitter and the like. Advertise your work.
  • Respect comments: You don’t have to reply to comments but if you do, don’t disagree with the person. It may leave him in a bad mood and he might never come back to your blog. Comments could be pointers of what you need to improve on.
  • Give credit away: Find ways to give away credit. If a friend helped find a subject for your blog, give him credit. If he sees it, he’ll be more likely to comeback again to see what else you have to say.
  • Copyrights: You don’t like when people steal your ideas, don’t steal other people’s ideas. Make sure to point the reader to the source of the materials that doesn’t belong to you.
  • Go out: Going out to do activities with friends is a good way to come up with ideas. I lost count of the subjects I’ve found just by going to the gym.
  • Listen: Only those who listen ever truly learn anything new. If you speak, you only share your knowledge and ideas. If you want more ideas, listen to other people’s knowledge and ideas.
  • Visuals: A picture is worth a thousand words. A picture, related to the subject, is a good way to give an idea to the reader of what the blog is about.
  • Grammar: If a blog is hard to read, nobody will read it.

This is what I apply, I hope it will help you in your blogging journey. If you are already a blogger then I’m sure you agree with most, if not all, the points. If you have anything to add, leave a comment :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Misbehaving children: Should you discipline them?

Discipline is a must. The question shouldn’t be “Should I discipline my child?” the question should be “What’s the best way to discipline my child?”. If a child steal, and is never disciplined about it, he might carry that habit into adulthood where disciplined is a bit more serious than a spanking.

There’s a big difference between child abuse and disciplinary action when a child misbehave. If a child is disciplined due to clumsiness or accident; it’s child abuse. If a child is disciplined when he swears at one of the parents; it’s discipline.

There’s different methods to discipline a child. I identified 3 and bellow is the order of which my parents would do them to me.

  1. Explaining the situation; putting me as the victim: My Dad would explained the situation to me in different perspective, usually putting me in “the victims” position, saying things like “What would you do if someone would steal your toys? Would you like that?”. This method still helps me today in my decision making.
  2. Removing privileges: “Go to you room and think about what you did!”. I still remember having phone calls from friends and the embarrassment of having to tell them I was grounded (or worse, my mom telling them I was).
  3. Spanking: “Don’t hit your sister or you’ll be spanked”. Just the fear of being spanked was enough for me to “behave”. Spanking was, more often than not, a last resort if the first two wasn’t working.

The perfect parent doesn’t exist. The best thing, that my parents did, was listening to me.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Internet Browsing

It’s the first time, in recorded history, that knowledge is so easily accessible. With all the knowledge in the world accessible to our finger tips, why is it that the thinking of our nation is still at it’s lowest?

There’s 2 major reason for this, the major one being Interest followed by too much noise.

  1. Interest: They don’t know and they don’t care. They don’t see value in any information out there. They’re not hungry to learn.
  2. Too much noise: Untrained people training untrained people.

So if you’re searching for good information, where do you go? You do what you would do in “real life”, you listen to people who have the result. Most great leaders, in any field, have a website where they share thoughts/biographies/books/success stories etc...

In other words, it’s as important to do research on “WHO” wrote the article than the information it contains.

It’s not that the information is bad, when it’s written by someone you never heard of, it’s just that there’s no credibility to back up what’s written.

It’s better to be ignorant than applying bad information.

Friday, December 17, 2010

I Have To Grow

This feeling is one of the best feeling I’ve ever experienced in my short life. It’s a mix of excitement and thirst for knowledge. I think that I finally realized that not only I don’t know everything, I also don’t know what is out there to be learned but I know that I can learn them once I figure what they are. Make sense?

So far,psychological pain as been an indicator of what area I need to grow more in. If I feel hurt during a conversation there’s always a reason for it and once I figure out why, I’m able to learn myself and I find that my self esteem grows in the process. After analyzing my life, I’ve grown more in the pass 4 years than the previous 20 years before that (i’m 24 year old). Even if those 20 years includes school education.

There’s nothing wrong with education but I don’t find I’ve learned enough about myself while being in school. To me, learning about myself is the most important part of life.

What would you say is the more important thing in life?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Faith Theory: Why Faith Is Decreasing

Some of you will say “Of course it’s less popular today, people know better”. Regardless of what your belief is, it’s important to know why you believe what you believe.

I read that the devil works it’s hardest during “alone time”. Following this, with all the technology out there, wouldn’t you say that we’re more alone today than we used to be? Could it be related with the decrease in faith?

The bible is all about “Helping your neighbor/How to help your neighbor”.If there’s no “neighbor”, per say,then how could someone seek to get better at helping a neighbor they don’t have.
If people are more often alone, how will they ever come to want to become better for the sake of the people around them?

I came to faith when I wanted to become better for the people around me, that’s the only way I know. I wouldn’t have come to faith if I wouldn’t have had people around me that I cared about.

To me, this theory is more of a self-examination.

Friday, December 3, 2010

I’m Not God

I know I probably shocked all of my 3 readers with the title, but I’m not God. What I mean by that is that I’m not right all the time and I know that. Only God can be right because he possess all the facts.
There’s a saying that goes like this “A Man with a fact is never at the mercy of a man with an opinion.”
So why is it that we think we’re right? We don’t just wake up in the morning and tell ourselves “I’m going to be wrong today”.

The bible says that we were made in the image of God. Since God is never wrong, it’s normal for us to think like that. However, like mentioned before, God as all the facts, we have (more often than not) opinions.

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