Friday, August 5, 2011


Trust is the very foundation of a relationship. Jealousy is a lack of trust. It comes from people with low self esteem; they have problems trusting themselves so they believe that others can’t be trusted.

Life is an interpretation of ourselves.

Jealousy is a form of worry. A jealous heart is able to create entire scenarios that never happened and make them so real that they will behave differently with their partner.

If you’re one of those that think jealousy is a sign of love;it’s not. I have yet to come across a relationship book that tells me otherwise.

Not allowing the other person to go out is not the cure of a jealous heart. If you create a prison; prisoners will try to escape to freedom. If you want to trust your partner, start by trusting yourself. Self growth is required to better identify the source of our jealousy and overcome it.

I recommend reading the bible.

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