Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The Books Recommendations to a Friend

I always get excited when someone comes to me to ask for books recommendations as I know the benefits these books can have on people. Sadly, these inquest occurrences are few and far in between with only a few instances currently coming to mind. The books I recommended to her were based on the subject she wished to improved upon. The following are my suggestions:
  • "Personality Plus" by Florence Littauer
  • "Love and Respect" by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs
  • "5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman
  • "The 7 habits of highly effective people" by Stephen Covey
  • "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie
  • "Cashflow Quadrant" by Robert Kyosaki
  • "How I raised myself from failure to success in selling" by Frank Bettger
Along with the book recommendations, I shared with her the struggles that readers sometime have with the hope that she would be able to identify these and move pass them. Those are:
  • You won't always remember what you read and that's okay.
  • The brain is like a muscle - It needs a warmup period with constant training in order to grow.
  • You don't need to finish every book you start as not every book is good or is for you.
  • Start by reading 15 min a day.
I'm happy she decided to start on the self-improvement journey and am thankful that I was in a position to make these recommendations to her. My hope is that she'll read those books and find some additional ones of her own.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Cutting the Chaos

The Universe is chaotic and we defined boundaries, in the form of Governments and socially acceptable behaviors, for ourselves as well as varying degrees of processes across all of our industries in order to make the Universe appear less chaotic. It's through these configurations that we manage to become the most populous specie on this planet. Perhaps wars and rebellious groups are a reminder that the world isn't as properly defined as we make it out to be.

Is there a better way to live?

Each new generation brings with them a host of changes. The Millennials and Gen Z have redefined sexual identity, relationship boundaries as well as what constitutes a home - many preferring mobility over a sedentary home. It's normal for these changes to be seen as chaotic by the preceding generations but let's not forget that they, too, have made changes for what they considered to be a better way to live. What's important to remember here is that these changes are the natural order of things and what ever is wrong will be made right again by the following generations.
While changes occurs regardless of society's restrictions it does occur faster where freedoms exist.

There's still chaos...

As I mentioned before, wars and rebellious groups are a reminder that our society is built upon chaos. We aren't perfect therefor we haven't been able to create a perfect society. Perhaps these evils are necessary in our quest for improvements. Interestingly, the time period that we live in is relatively calm compared to any other period in our history which may be a sign that we have made some improvements over our predecessors - let's keep this cadence.

If there's one thing to remember about this post is that change is necessary on our quest to create the perfect society. If we already lived in a perfect society then there wouldn't be any need for change. My only hope is that these changes will occur via peaceful means with the uttermost respect for each other.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Everyone is Replaceable At Work But...

It's been said before that everyone is replaceable at work but is that really the case? With time, everyone is replaceable as the people left behind slowly fill the hole that was left in the project by the person leaving. The size of the hole, however, differs depending on the contribution of the person to said project. I remember this particular instance where it took more than 2 years to fill in the hole of that one person that left - these are the kind of people that a company should work to keep.

Employers must identify these people to insure that they're properly taken care of by the company as loosing them as far reaching consequences.

How long do you think it would take to replace you?

Funny enough, I want my departure to be as seamless as possible. I always want to leave a project at the same state, or better, than when I was there. This is why I spent a lot of time mentoring others in everything that I do as I never want to be in a situation where my departure would leave the project in a bad spot.
Maybe this is the approach everyone should have? Why would you want to leave the project you've spent so much time working on in a bad spot?

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

We're Dumb!

I recently came across a list of people that were put to death due to being convicted of Witchcraft. When we think about someone being put to death due to Witchcraft we probably think about something that occurred in the 1700s but surprisingly this isn't the case as we've had a Witch put to death as recent as 2020 according to Wikipedia.

"Who knows why we were taught to fear the witches, and not those who burned them alive."

While we have the ability to think we choose to, often blindly, follow other people that does the thinking for us as well as live our lives mostly on habits. When we, blindly, take someone else's thinking as our own we're sometime face with a situation like the Witch-hunt mentioned above where a group of people believe that it's within their rights to prosecute others for, what they believe to be, Witchcraft. 

Thinking is like a muscle that we must exercise in order to be proficient with it. 

The biggest problem that we face as a specie today is that we've created some very smart, but deadly, inventions that are often being controlled by not so smart people. If we think about the Atomic Bomb currently in Putin's possession (and at one point at Trump's disposal) it's not difficult to see that this is an extinction level problem. 
Leaders of the world either forced their way into the role or are voted in but in neither case is "being smart" a requirement and it's essentially the responsibility of the masses to insure the world leaders qualifies for the role. 

Recently, I've been frustrated that some very good people have been influenced in all sorts of extremist ways (think freedom truckers, patriot parties...). If we, in-fact, lived in an tyrannical world I would see these as necessary but what we have today is mostly angry people directing their hate towards good world leaders and they either want to replace them for one of their own or another leader that is, himself, behind a tyrannical scheme.

True freedom comes with a responsibility and that responsibility is for each one of us to educate ourselves from good, trusted, resources rather mamajaba32 on Youtube. I'm fully aware that everyone thinks that they're right but in order to be sure we're right for anything we constantly have to challenge our belief from trusted sources.

I know I've been all over the place with this post yet the bulk of the message is simply this: We're dumb! You can be young and dumb, that's kind of what's expected, but you can't be old and dumb.

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