Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Artificial intelligence

I've been thinking the other day about robots and Artificial Intelligence and what software programming skill it would require. Coming from a software developper background, everything I know about it is based on logic. If a set of conditions are met, do this or that.
Giving away logic to a machine is the easy part but how can we give them emotions? If emotions is what we're mostly made of, why is logic easier to understand and share?

Monday, August 16, 2010

What loosing can teach you

We all want to win. It's embedded in us. One of the first competition I went to was back in my soccer days. The tournament lasted a week-end and we ended up winning second place.

It all sounds good, here's what people don't know. That week-end, I didn't really gave it my all. I was slacking, I was messing around ... my head wasn't in the game. That "victory" still haunts me to this day. There's nothing worse than not giving it your all and winning second place. What if I would have actually gave it my all?

Second place wasn't the victory. Victory is being able to find your faults in your losses. You can only change what you can identify and you'll only change them once you can't tolerate them.

It took me a long time to learn that one.

What did loosing teach you?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Principles of Success

I've been told over and over again that the principles of success can be applied in any area of life, not just business. It's not that I didn't believe it, I just didn't apply it anywhere. I'm not successful in any area of life either. Coincidence?

Recently, I've been seeking, and talking to, mentors at the gym, who have the results that I want. The terms they used were different but the principles are the same than what I've been told for the pass two years in business.

Here's what they told me (so far):
-Set a goal: If you don't have a goal why doing what you do in the first place?
-Keep track: By keeping track of what you do, you'll know where you are and where to improve to get the results you want-faster.
-You only get what you put in: The harder you work, the bigger the result.
-It's not supposed to be easy: There's no easy way to be successful. Success is never easy but always worth it.

I don't know if they realized the actual value of what they said. I didn't like hearing it because I knew it already, but knowledge, that's not applied, is worthless.

This blog is a promise to myself to follow those principles.

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