Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's the most important thing for you in a relationship?

Mathieu Hachey (3:29 PM) :
what's the most important thing for you in a relationship?
AGirl (3:29 PM) :
Mathieu Hachey (3:31 PM) :
can you define trust in a few words?
Mathieu Hachey (3:38 PM) :
knowing that it doesn't matter where he is, he will not go with another woman. Is that what trust is to you?
AGirl (3:41 PM) :
yeah and that I can trust him with secrets and that he doesnt lie and stuff like that.
Mathieu Hachey (3:41 PM) :
would you agree that everyone on the planet live for his/her own interest?
Mathieu Hachey (3:42 PM) :
meaning that w/e you do, you do it for your hapiness
Mathieu Hachey (3:47 PM) :
the most important thing to me in a relationship is forgiveness, not trust. I don't think life is about how much love that you receive but I much love can you give.
Mathieu Hachey (3:48 PM) :
Lets say you cheated on me, and I say "Ok I forgive you" wouldn't you agree that would be the greatest act of love?
Mathieu Hachey (3:49 PM) :
am I making sense here?
AGirl (3:51 PM) :
I think if you can cheat on someone you dont actually love them...
Mathieu Hachey (3:55 PM) :
Life is about experience, If you cheated on me because you didn't love me ... and I forgave you. How would you feel?
If you cheated on me with lets say .... idk a superstar that you like, and that I forgive you, wouldn't you feel releived? Wouldn't you feel as if I understood you? That even though you did it, it was because he was the one superstar of your dream and you just wanted to know how it actually feels like to do it with that person.
AGirl (3:56 PM) :
hahah..i still think its wrong and if you wanna get with other ppl and then you should be single...dont use other ppl who are good to you and care about
Mathieu Hachey (3:57 PM) :
Tell me, what's so sacred about sex ... that makes it exclusif to the one that you love?
AGirl (4:00 PM) :
well a lot of bad things can come out of it and emotional problems if you do it with the wrong person, like pregnancy and disease, etc.....if you do it with the person you are going to be with for the rest of your life then you dont have to worry abou that stuff
Mathieu Hachey (4:01 PM) :
how many boyfriend did you have?
AGirl (4:02 PM) :
omf...i dunno...about 5 serious ones in my time...why?
Mathieu Hachey (4:02 PM) :
did you beleive everytime that he was the one with whom youd spend all of your life with?
AGirl (4:02 PM) :
a few of them yeah at one time...
Mathieu Hachey (4:03 PM) :
"if you do it with the person you are going to be with for the rest of your life then you dont have to worry abou that stuff"
AGirl (4:04 PM) :
yeah well thats they way god intended it to be....he didnt want everyone sleeping are probably better off if you are only with one one actually does that.
Mathieu Hachey (4:04 PM) :
yes I know, but wouldn't you agree that nothing last forever?
Mathieu Hachey (4:06 PM) :
sorry got disconnected, got nothing after

yes I know, but wouldn't you agree that nothing last forever?

AGirl (4:08 PM) :
i hope my marriage will last the rest of my
Mathieu Hachey (4:10 PM) :
So the way that you see it is like this "If you think that you're going to spend the rest of your life with that person, it's ok" ?
AGirl (4:11 PM) :
yup....pretty much..but no one actually does that ...we are all risk takers...haha
Mathieu Hachey (4:12 PM) :
what if you were with this guy, and your superstars come and he wants to have sex with you and you say no, and that the very next day, your boyfriend dump you. How would you feel knowing that you lost the very chance of trying your superstar?
AGirl (4:13 PM) :
well for one thing i wouldnt do it with someone i didnt even know...superstar or not...
AGirl (4:13 PM) :
if i cheated on him...i shouldnt have been with him anyway..
Mathieu Hachey (4:16 PM) :
I'm just trying to put additional value on the person who's not your BF, because sometimes things like that happens in life. People see someone that they're attracted to, and they would like to have sex with them but they stop themself because they have someone in their life. Because like you, trust is the thing they value the most in a relationship
AGirl (4:17 PM) :
yuppp!id seriously kill my bf/husband if he cheated haha
Mathieu Hachey (4:18 PM) :
you'd prefer to kill the one that you love rather than forgive him and continue to live life with him?
AGirl (4:19 PM) :
well he obviously didnt love me if he could do that...hahah and i wouldnt actually kill him i would just get out of hte situation..
Mathieu Hachey (4:19 PM) :
so to you it's more important to feel love than to give love?
AGirl (4:20 PM) :
well ppl who take back cheaters have low self esteem...ppl dont deserve that...
Mathieu Hachey (4:22 PM) :
that's not answering my question. What I'm telling you is that you're like everybody else. You live life for your own interest, your happiness
AGirl (4:24 PM) :
yup...i wouldnt put up with it ....why let him get away with it once? then he'll keep doing it becaue he thinks he can get away with it....boooo...why make your life crap for a cheater
Mathieu Hachey (4:24 PM) :
maybe because he lives life for his interest too
Mathieu Hachey (4:25 PM) :
maybe he's like everybody else also
AGirl (4:25 PM) :
"do unto others as you would have them do unto you'
Mathieu Hachey (4:26 PM) :
A man belongs where he wants to go
Mathieu Hachey (4:33 PM) :
Can I put this convo on FB and my Blog? I will erase your name from it.
AGirl (4:33 PM) :
yeah if you
Mathieu Hachey (4:34 PM) :
Thank you, and thanks for taking the time to chat with me :-)

Monday, May 12, 2008

What is your Idea of Romantic?

Being a curious person, I couldn't help but to read a note on Facebook that had that question in it.

My answer was:

It’s something new and different. You want to created an experience to your loved one, something that person never experienced before. It’s about doing something with only that person's name/face in your mind.

Since that person is the inspiration, take what you prepared and blow it out in that person’s face all at once.
It’s about making the other person feel wanted and unique. It’s for that person to not only feel love, but to see it. You need to try to materialize it, to try to make that person experience love via another emotion. To show that person that it’s not blood running in your veins, it’s your love for that person.

What would have been your answer?
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