Monday, August 8, 2011

Blog Goal

There’s an average of 200 user visiting my blog each month. I want to triple that by this time next year.

The plan
  • After some study, I’ve noticed that there’s a significant difference of page views when doing reviews and relationship blogs. I will do more of those without loosing focus of “Learning is living”. I still want to tap in the many various learn-able subjects that is life.
  • I’ll be my own best promoter. With the help of twitter and Facebook, I’ve gathered a small community that I know is reading my blog from time to time. I will promote my new blogs on those social sites more.
  • Reading more books will help me develop blogs with more/better information.
  • Since I’m continually growing, the things I write may not be true to me anymore. I will do searches, on my blog, for the subjects I want to write about and update those blogs if needed. This will help keep my post up to date.
  • The template I have does the job but it’s something that many have seen before on other blogspot blogs. I want one of my own so that it stands out more.
  • I want to put some ads up and see how that goes. It may help keep people on my site longer and help them find value in it. (Better chance of them returning)
  • Add links to other blogs that’s mentioning a similar subject than what I’ve posted. This will help my readers to have a different view than my own and may help them value my information more.
  • I have a crazy idea of doing contest where my readers could win prizes.
  • Posting comments on other blogs will help get my name out there more. I’ve set myself a goal to post at least 1 comment a day to someone else’s blog.
  • Adding more video/pictures that support the subject of the blog.
If you have anything you would like to add that you think could help me reach my 600/month goal, let me know :)

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