Friday, June 13, 2014

Building an Utopia

If we were to build an Utopian city - I wouldn't be allowed in it. Why? Because I'm not perfect - nobody is! How is it possible for us to have an understanding of what perfection is when we know we're not, and will never be, perfect?

The earliest record of the word “Utopia” comes from Pablo’s Republic work and was later made popular by the “Utopia” book created by Sir Thomas More in 1516.
Some believe that our very ability of conjuring a perfect being (or society) in our mind is the proof that there’s a God. Why else, they argue, would we be able to have such thoughts?

Perfection is a good goal to thrive for even when we unconsciously know that we’ll never attain it. They say that if you reach for the star and land on the moon, you’re still further ahead than when you’re started.

Let’s build an Utopia!

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