Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"Aspire” book from Kevin Hall - Short Review

The “Aspire” book from Kevin Hall, which is about the “power (or meaning) of words”, contains a surprisingly low amount of words with their meanings. It was a tough book to review since on one side it's interesting/original and on the other it feels like it lacks direction by not holding its original promise.

Aspire started strong with impactful words such as “Genshai” (Hindi word), which means you should never treat another person in a manner that would make them feel small, and shorts stories explaining how the author came to know the words. The words chosen became less interesting as the book progressed and things started to feel randomly put together towards the end while still being hard to put down.

There’s a part in the book where Kevin Hall use the work of Masaru Emoto in an attempt to support how powerful words can be but it failed miserably. Masaru Emoto’s work on water crystals that forms differently based on emotions (The Hidden message in Water) has never been published in a scientific journal due to the inability for other scientist to reproduce it (and note that Masaru Emoto himself never gave much details on the procedures he took). It felt out of place and unless it can be proven otherwise, Masaru Emoto, is but a charlatan who developed a scheme to sell books.

Should you read it?
If you can get through the book’s randomness feel then there’s an interesting read to be had. It kept me interested throughout and put Kevin Hall on my list of authors to follow.

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