Friday, June 27, 2014

"Competition" of Canadian Carriers = Boring!

I've had my mobile phone for 3 years now and I started shopping around for a new contract. Turns out that all Canadian carriers offer pretty much the same services for the same fees. Nobody offer anything that stands out over the other in terms of internet, cable or mobile. Here's an example I took on the apple website that clearly illustrate this:

My mom called me recently to let me know about a "99$ a month cable/internet/phone deal" from Bell which is an almost exact copy of what Rogers was offering at the time. Where do they take these monthly fees? Most importantly, why would I choose Rogers over Bell or vice versa?

The entertainment providers have grown stale in terms of offering - it's time for them to stop copying each other and truly compete for clients. If they don't, another company will rise up to the challenge and steal the show.

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