Wednesday, February 12, 2014

4 Things that Might Affect Passion

Passion, contrary to popular beliefs, comes and goes. It's not something that stick with you for ever once you have it. Many things can affect it and I've thought of 4 for you today. See below:

Relationships Issues - If you have problems with your spouse, that's all you'll be thinking about during the day no matter how passionate about what you do.

Debts - Passion is doing something because you want to do it but when you're in debt, that "want" becomes a "need". When you have to do something to pay the pills, the passion goes away.

Bottled up Emotions - When people work in the corporate world, they tend to bottle up their feelings because they believe that if they don't they'll loose their job. Bottling up any feelings will bottle up passion as well. If something annoys you, voice it out.

Routine - When the routine sets in, it can become a chore to do what you do and it becomes hard to be passionate.

What are your thoughts on what shown here? Should I add/remove to it?

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