Friday, February 7, 2014

The Fine Prints

I bought my first car, a Hyundai 2008, in 2009 and I was brought up to believe that the warranty would be until late 2014 (5 years later) from the day I purchased it. The warranty, as it was today explained to me (and as I was "needing" it) was 5 years from the day it was first registered under the dealership.
In other words, It expired in 2013 instead of late 2014. Oh the things you learn!

Buying my car new was the biggest mistake I ever made. I never really had any major trouble with it but as soon as I put the keys in, it lost a big % of its value. I now think that it's best to shop around to find a good deal second hand so that you're not hit with too much of the depreciation.

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