Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Varied Interest

For the pass 4 years I’ve been studying nothing else but leadership. There’s always things to learn on the matter and, although I came a long way, I still have lots to learn.

I found out that the more I was learning about it the less connected I seem to be with everyone else. Why? Because no one else is passionate about it as much as I am.

Ironically, the most important part of leadership is relationship you get with people and you can only connect with people with the same interest as you. I’m not talking about being an expert in every field but to know a bit from most of them so that you can talk about it with someone who’s passionate in one of them.

I still read about leadership on a daily basis but I also added a book on psychology, started focusing on art more (which I like) and reading various articles on Wikipedia. I ordered 2 books on martial arts that I’m anxious to get and I now go out of my way to speak to someone new.
All the above will, I’m sure, help me to connect with more people. What interest do you have?

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