Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Enemy is the Government?

Too often the government is seen as the enemy. While it's true that there's been some mistakes, the government is here to represent and serve us.

“You can’t change a Country by changing it’s government. You change a Country by changing the thinking of it’s people.” -unknown

Why is it that when ever something is not going our way we instantly point fingers towards the government? Every time we do, the government will do it (they represent us and want to be re-elected) but all those things cost money and where does that money come from? Our pockets!

Then we wonder why there’s so many different taxes, why the price of gas is so high, why our money is worth next to nothing (inflation). Why, why why?

Who do we blame again? The government! The problem is us, Canadian citizens, for being blind to the simple truth. WE control this Country and WE decide where it’s heading and the government is just helping us get there. The problem is that WE, the population, doesn’t have a clue about what WE want.


Due to this, what we need is a government that will NOT listen to the population! What we need is a government that will lead this country using the core principles that made CANADA great in the first place.

I’m not red, i’m not blue, I’M CANADIAN!

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