Friday, May 20, 2011

Being Attractive is Important in a Relationship

One of my biggest flaws was that I would stop caring about myself, physically, once it would get comfortable in a relationship.

Some will argue that the appearance isn’t everything and I now find it’s only partly true. Being ugly or pretty isn’t what’s important. It’s taking care of ourselves that is. Things like grooming, good clothing, good health/fitness. Things that will make us feel attractive.

If you go to the mall with your partner. How will your partner feel if you get a “your attractive” comment? Your partner will feel better than if you got told “what’s that thing” I can guarantee it.
Being physically attracted to each other also adds up to the pleasure when things gets intimate. How you feel about yourself shows the most in those moments and can help raise the passion.

What do you do to feel attractive?

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