Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good goes Unnoticed

Have you ever felt like the good you do to people often go unnoticed? Why is it so often overlooked? Why does the good that people do to you goes unnoticed?

My belief is that people have different ways to do good to other people and they’re often blinded to ways that isn’t their own. Maybe doing good for you means to clean the house or maybe it’s giving compliments and smiling or maybe it’s something else!

It’s important to do good anyway, not only is it the right thing to do; doing good is like adding water to a glass, eventually it will overflow and the person will finally notice the mess on the table.
Sometimes, little hints like “Have you noticed I did the dishes today?” can help them find and appreciate the good you do.

I’m aware that there’s some people out there that are just blinded by negative and can’t see any good things. The people who deserves it the least often needs it the most.

Do good things :)

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