Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It can be embarrassing to tell our partner that he/she is not a good kisser. I never had any bad comments on my kissing but It could very well be that my partners were too embarrassed to tell me so I did my own research on it to see how I could improve.

After reading a few tips online, the same things seems to come up. The before part is as important than the kissing itself. Looking good, smelling good, eye contact that says “I want you” are all important part of the pre-kissing stage.
The pre-kissing stage greatly affect how both party perceive the kiss.

I haven’t come across an article that explained how to place your lips or anything of the sort. They gave advice on what to do prior and what to do with your hands or your overall posture while you kiss. Some also said that eating ice cream, or a lemon, prior can give a nice feeling to the partner (something that I definitely want to try).

Doing is learning! It takes practice so go out there and practice! If you find, or know, something interesting please share! :)

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