Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fight is over - Relationships

In a relationship, the fight is over when 1, of the 2, stops fighting to focus on moving on. There’s sign that the end will happen and it’s during those painful moments that one should focus on fixing the situation.

Who ever takes responsibility for it is considered the “fighter” and the person who let it dies is, more than likely, the person who will end it.

“Some wives are so busy making better husbands that they make really bad wives.”-Terry Brady

There’s no way around it. If the focus is to change the other person, the relationship will end. Either the “victim” will get tired of it or the “bully” will see all the wrong and get tired of trying to change the other person. The “victim” may also feel like he’s stuck and will stay with the bully because of fear.

It’s not your spouse’s responsibility to make you happy. True happiness comes from your faith and from fixing the wrong you see in yourself. Making you happy is too much of a responsibility for someone else to take care of it. If the other person loves you, he will try to make you happy anyway but there will be time where it won’t work.

Loosing is simply not fun. Keep on fighting until the relationship works. Until you win.

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