Monday, April 11, 2011

Gym - Rules gives you average results

Average is the majority of people. If the majority of people follow the rules then the rules gives, the majority of people, average results. If you want better result, go beyond the rules. Do more.

I’ve been told by countless people to do 3 sets/ 10 reps / X weight if I want bigger muscles. After the work-out, I always felt like I could do more even if the muscle felt exhausted at the time of the sets.

I’ve been talking about that to my mentor and he said that if you don’t feel sore a bit, the day after the workout, you’re not getting bigger/stronger.
I’m not getting this from “following the rules” so I decided to do more sets with different kinds of exercises for each muscle.

It’s more of listening to your body than following the rules.

I now see these rules as a minimum requirement and not a set of rules to “get stronger”. When I’m done with my work-out, I really can’t do any more.

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