Friday, March 11, 2011

Self Confidence - How awesome do you think you are?

If I was in a conversation with you and you would tell me that I’m not awesome, you would be the only person, between you and me, who would believe so.
If I would tell you that you’re not awesome, would I be the only one of us to believe so?

Self Confidence is approaching a negative statement in a student/teacher kind of way. It’s to ignore it if it was meant to hurt or learn from it if it’s a constructive criticism.

All that people care about is themselves, they have no time for you. Everyone is afraid of what other people think about them. If I think like that, and you think like that, then really nobody but ourselves thinks about ourselves.

“Most people don’t have any plans to grow.”-John C. Maxwell

Self Confidence can also be define as fear of people and fear, at it’s core, is ignorance. Growing, intellectually, is a big part of self confidence. Learning about people can significally change how you see yourself around them.

The only way people can hurt you is if you let them and you’re more likely to let them if you don’t understand people.

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