Monday, March 7, 2011

Intellectual Property - Success thinking can’t be passed on, only earned

Technology is the one thing that can be passed to the next generation. Technology always becomes better.

Our intellect can’t be passed down like technology can. People don’t get smarter from generation to generation. The only way, for me, to teach the next generation is to guide them through the same information I went through and even then, they won’t understand it the exact same way than I did.

The principle for success were, are, and always will be the same. They never change and always have to be learned. They can be passed down, through books, cds etc... but it still takes someone willing to get through them.

One would think, since the Internet contain all the information in the world, that there would be more people successful but too much information is just noises. The fastest way to learn what you have to learn is with the help of someone who already made it. Who already have the results that you want.

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