Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Removing Copyrighted Material

I was recently contacted by Google for an opportunity to add advertisement to my site, and get a few bucks out of it, using AdSense.
Lately, I was struggling to find the motivation to write anything (I got a bit sloppy with the things I did write too) and AdSense might be able to help me find the motivation necessary to provide better content for you.

With this in mind, I’ll go through all my previous blogs to remove all the copyrigthed material, I can find, before implementing AdSense.
This site was used to remember paragraphs but if there’s money to be made with this (even pennies) I don’t want it to be because of content that’s not my own. I prefer having a sucky blog because of me than a good one because of someone else’s work.

I meant no arm in adding those paragraphs in the first place. The objective now will be to provide better, original, content to a broader audience.

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