Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Proud Insignificance

Before I start, I do drink (Very rarely, ask my girlfriend),I’m totally aware that I’m going to be labelled “Old Fashioned”, or “party pooper” after this blog and I will go with it anyway because there’s things that need to be said.

It’s not the beer belly that’s the problem, it’s the pride they get from it.

Being drunk seems to be an excuses to do things that you wouldn’t normally do more than an actual “lost of control”. Drinking 5 cases of beer is impressive in itself but what accomplishment is it really? Did it save someones life?

Why is it that the people who achieve the least, in life, brags about it the most.There’s people that brags about kills they got, to me, in a virtual universe. What in the world are they expecting me to say? Good job for sitting around and pressing buttons?

Why do we try to find worth in the little things? Is it because we’re afraid to face the things that actually needs to be faced?

Being the best, at something insignificant, doesn’t make it significant! Besides having important to the owner, it doesn’t do much else.

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