Thursday, March 3, 2011

When family and friend turns into the enemy

You’ll face opposition as soon as you do something that’s a little bit outside of someone else’s comfort-zone. It doesn’t make them bad people, they just have no clue.

I remember when I first called my parents about my decision to go to the gym. They warned me about how dangerous it can be on the body. Funny thing, I tell ya, considering that it’s harder on the body not to do anything. I never had such warning when all I was doing was sitting around and eating wings. Why? Because when people were looking at me, I was doing what they were doing; nothing.

Another time, when I told everyone that I was now following a self-growth program (called TEAM). I was warned about how it can brainwash me (...) ANYTHING you listen to, for more than an hour a day ,will brainwash you. That includes TV, Video Game, or anything else! I never was warned about what I was watching on TV because everyone else was doing it. (I don’t watch TV anymore)

My advice to you is, if it’s morally right and politically correct, to keep moving forward despite the opposition. They don’t live your life, you are. Keep moving forward in the direction you chose!

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