Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Give Yourself A Raise!

As you probably know, the “Get it now, pay later” is the biggest scam one can get into. If finances are tight, then you shouldn't own the most expensive gadget, live in the biggest/nicest place or own the newest car.

Too often, I hear people say they don't have any money but walk around with the latest smart phone in their pockets. When you go to their place, they have a 55 inch HD flat screen T.V. with cable, the internet plugged to a powerful computer and so on... No wonder you don't have any money!

I think it would be wise to look into what we spend to find money to save rather than look for a higher paying job or ask for a raise. Give yourself a raise by removing Cable T.V. (even internet if you're really in a jam – don't worry, you'll survive without it), selling the newest gadgets and cutting back on the restaurants and bars!

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