Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Positive Power Of Love

There's no emotion greater, to get us moving, than the power of love. When we're in love, it makes us want to do things that we wouldn't of done otherwise.

The lost of love also inspires us to change. Hoping, perhaps, that our change would help win back the heart of our lost love. As we come to find out, however, our changes often goes unnoticed since it's difficult for someone to change the image they have of us.

For a time, love is what inspired me to workout more but time has changed the source of inspiration I rely on to workout. Has love made you do great things?

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  1. I find love can drive a person to do either great things or terrible things. I think history has shown people to do horrendous things in the name of love... But I think it says something about the strength a person has as to how he/she uses the motivation love gives. :)


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