Monday, October 13, 2014

You Need Money To Make Money - Really?

“Some people foolishly believe that only money can make money. This is not true! Desire, transmuted into its monetary equivalent through the principles laid down here [“Think And Grow Rich” book], is the agency through which money is “made.” Money, of itself, is nothing but inert matter. It cannot move, think, or talk, but it can “hear” when one who desires it calls it to come!” -Napoleon Hill

We've all heard the phrases "The Rich get Richer" or "It takes money to make money" but that simply isn't true. The rich won't get richer unless they have the desire to do so nor will the poor who lacks the desire. The old saying "When there's a will there's a way" applies here.

While it may be easier for the rich to make more money, since they've learned from acquiring their fortune, it is certainly not out of reach of the poor. The "money" excuses is just that - an excuse. We can all be rich if we want to be, we just have to learn how.

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