Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Limited amount of Thoughts

Since our time on this earth is limited, only an equally limited amount of thoughts will spur in our minds. Wouldn't it be wise to make sure those thoughts are of the highest quality?

"... Socrates mentored Plato, who then mentored Aristotle, who then mentored Alexander the great..."
-P.11 from "Mentoring Matters" book by Orrin Woodward

The quality of education is important since future thoughts will be based of it. Kings of antiquity understood this which is why their sons and daughters were assigned quality instructors.
While it's true that our education is better now than it was then, most of it is shared by teachers who do not care enough. A good teacher is someone that is able to make students enthusiastic about learning.

"Go first class when you have questions. Seeking advice from a failure is like consulting a quack on how to cure cancer." -David J. Schwartz

Seek out quality instructors and education.

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