Friday, September 13, 2013

Become Better for your Relationships

“If I have to change in order to be with that person, it means that it’s not meant to be.” It’s not about changing ourselves, It’s to become better.

Every 2 words, that used to come out of my mouth, was a swear. I stopped when I finally realized that my dad didn’t like it. How many people is there out there that don’t like when people swear? Would you say that I became a little bit better in the process?

You can’t change what you don’t know and conflicts brings clarity. When you have conflict/arguments it will sometime identify things that you do wrong. You know the kind of arguments that goes like this:
-“You always do this!”
-“Oh yeah? Well I wouldn’t do this if you would do that instead!”

“There’s so many mistakes to choose from, don’t always do the same ones!” -Orrin Woodward

When it becomes clear to you that something you’re doing affect negatively someone you love, make a goal of not having the same issue pop up about you again.

Of course, only work on things that you know will make you better. If someone tells you they don’t like it when you smile, it doesn’t mean you should stop smiling.
If you’re not sure about the issue, find yourself a mentor who wants what’s best for you and ask him/her questions about it.

Originally posted - October 2010

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