Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Being Aware that We’re Going to Die

We will all die eventually, there’s no way around it. That truth becomes more evident the older we get.

I remember when I was a teen, I would do things and my parents would tell me “You will regret this later on”. Well now I’m 25 and I can safely say that they were right.

Life is like climbing a one sided mountain. The longer we climb, the more we see that there’s a limit, or a top. Many dies way before they realize there’s a top, they just arrived to the top without knowing simply because the first few steps are the easiest ones.

The body is design to make us realize that we’re here for a limited amount of time. As we grow older, there’s a few aches and pains that appears. Flue tends to stick with us longer and our energy level seems to be on the low more often than we would like it to be.

Death should not be feared but embraced as a natural part of life. We’re here for a limited amount of time, let’s make our lives count by influencing this negative society in a positive way.

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