Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Business Ethic - Why I choose Apple

A long time ago, I was looking for an mp3 player and decided to go with Apple. I was hearing great things about the ipod and was able to find one second hand (nano) for 35$. A couple years later, I can safely say that it’s the best mp3 player I ever had (still works perfectly).

Now that I want to get into the smart phone market, which company do you think I will be more likely to choose? I’m aware that the Iphone 4 isn’t the best smart phone on the market but I don’t trust any other company. Apple already proved to me, with the ipod, that they build things to last. I can’t say the same with any other company.

Business ethic is really important. By making quality product, in one area, apple actually sold me on an entirely different market even while not being the best. Everything, from the un-boxing to the IOS, looks like it’s a big deal. Those of you who bought an apple product new know what I’m talking about.

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