Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sick of Technology

I’m sick of being connected in some way, shape, or form to a little electronic device. I hate the “I’m available” expectation that surrounds it (some people get mad when I don’t answer txt right away).

Some believe that it brings people together while in-fact it drives them apart. How is sitting at home alone browsing a social site makes people closer together? Or how is sitting in a room, next to a friend, txting another friend makes people closer together?

Human interaction is becoming instinct!

“But I’m shy, that’s the most comfortable way for me to meet people”
While this is true, it kills self confidence. There’s nothing more rewarding than giving ourselves a pat on our back after having the guts of getting out of our comfort zone to go meet new people.

Life needs to be uncomfortable at times, it’s part of the experience. Comfort doesn’t bring happiness.

Make it a goal to not use any device while being around friends. Let’s make it a goal to pay attention to the moment rather than a machine. Let’s remove “social” out of “social media” and place it before the word “life” (social life).

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