Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Emotional Pain - How does it work?

There’s a logic behind physical pain. When you get hurt physically, the pain you feel is due to the nerves sending signals to your brain to stop what you’re doing but how does emotional pain works?

It can take a long time for us to feel emotional pain (A.K.A. Regrets) and it’s sometime more powerful than any physical pain. If there’s no outside forces physically hurting us, does it mean that the emotional pain is self-inducted? Which means that we can control it?

If we can control it, then why do we choose to hurt ourselves most of the time? Is it because our emotions are like untamed lions roaming inside of our heads and we just don’t know how to tame them?

Is emotional pain created from how we see things? If so, can it be controlled by controlling how we see those things?

Any thoughts?

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