Monday, June 6, 2011

Health - Foundation of Success

Attitude is everything. Having a good attitude is a decision that’s easier to make when you feel great and feeling great starts with the decision to be healthy. Being physically healthy helps being mentally healthy.

You are what you eat
It is of no secret what it takes to be physically healthy. Eat right and exercise. Both are simple and easy to do. The problem is that they’re both easy not to do as well.

“Sickness is not due to old age, it’s a violation of the laws of health over a period of time” -Unknown

The most popular of excuse is the “I’m busy”. If you don’t have time to work on your health now, be prepared to make time for sickness later. Find time your body, your vehicle for life, is depending on it.

How you think determines how healthy you are by the choices you make.
Life is a series of daily decisions. In this microwave society, we think that everything should happen fast and we tend to bring that mindset to the gym. Too often I see people work out just enough not to make it.

We change our thinking through reading and listening to self-growth material.

It’s a decision to eat healthy. It’s a decision to go to the gym and keep with it. Decide to get healthier today!

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