Monday, September 20, 2010

The Million Dollar Dream

Getting a million dollar seems to be a popular goal. The worse thing that can happen is giving money to someone who doesn’t have discipline financially. How many times do we hear stories about people who won a million dollars and went bankrupt a few years later?
It’s rare for an employee to actually get there but it’s possible if they’re discipline enough with their money (I know of one who did it over a 20 + year period).

I’m not a millionaire, but being in network marketing, I’m two phone call away to one and have the opportunity to speak to millionaires on a monthly basis. I was told, by one of them, that if I can’t save money with what I have now, it doesn’t matter how much I make; I’m going to be broke.

My thinking needs to change. The only way I can do so is by associating myself with people that have the result that I want, by shutting off television and opening a Robert Kiyosaki book instead.

Be careful who you listen to for financial advice, you may end up with the result that they have.

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