Monday, September 13, 2010

Government VS Freedom

If the demand for low cost kinder gardens were on the rise. The government would say, during elections, "Vote for us and we'll build affordable kinder gardens." Once elected, the kinder gardens are build.

The government can't magically lower the price of human resources, or toys, required for a lower price kinder garden service. The only way a kinder garden can offer lower prices, at the door, is by having the help from the government. Where does the government take the money from? Our pockets (tax)!

It may be a more affordable kinder garden on the surface, but in the background we would still be paying the same (possibly more due to human resources required to put something like that together).

Here's what I mean by the lost of freedom. I don't have a kid, why should I pay for something that I won't use? Someone else took my money to build something I didn't want. How about I keep the money and do what I want with it?

How many government will it take for us to realize that it cost us our freedom?

The more people that decide what's best for you, the less decisions YOU make. If freedom is choices and those choices are made by someone else, where's the freedom in that?

We have to grow up intellectually and responsibility wise. By doing so the government will naturally close some doors. The only power the government have are the ones we give to them.

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