Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lets Save Trees!

For the past few months, I've been warned that my bills will no longer be in paper form and will now be sent online. The reason for this is because companies suddenly wants to "save trees".

I no longer receive paper bills from some company, I do, however, receive a lot of promotional advertisement in paper form. How does that save trees?

My friends, I can almost guarantee that there's not a company in the world that sat down and said "Let's do something for the environment". During business meeting, all that they talk about is how can they make more profit.

By not sending bills in paper form, they do save considerable amount of money. If the customer doesn't think about looking online for bills, he'll be more likely to forget about it and have to pay a late fee.

To me, the "save tree" campaign is a false truth. While it's true that it does save trees, it's not the main reason why business do so.

"Lets save trees" does look better for a company than "Help us save more money" right? I'm sure that expense were covered in our bill in the first place, did anyone receive a discount on their bill ever since they applied this?

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