Wednesday, January 5, 2022

New Year Resolution - The 100 Books Challenge

A friend of mine shared with me all the 100 books she read in the last year, for her yearly resolution, and said she was resetting the goal for this year. The list she showed was quite impressive but I was disappointed to find that all of those books were essentially fiction. Of course, she can read what ever she wants just imagine what could of happened to her if she would of read a hundred books about personal finances? Business? Relationship? Philosophy?... She would of been an expert on those subjects!

Having read many of these non-fiction books myself I can certainly understand why this doesn't appeal to some people: It's fairly dry reading and can be a chore. There's a non-fiction genre, however, that resemble fiction but you can still learn a lot from and that is History.
History books are, obviously, not work of fiction but reading about a time long gone does have a bit of a fiction flair to it. 
The book about Alexander the Great, by Jacob Abbot, is an excellent example of a work of history that feels like a work of fiction as the author goes in great details about the epic battles the Macedonians fought against the Persian empire which makes the book difficult to put down almost the same way as a good fiction story would.

I love that my friend is able to read 100 books in a year. It's not something that I feel I can do unless I significantly change my priorities. I read about 15 books in the last year some of which were re-read. This year, my goal is to get 20 good books in. The below are a few that I have on the go right now:
  • "Resolved" by Orrin Woodward (Re-Read)
  • "On Liberty" by John Stuart Mill
  • "Meditation" by Marcus Aurelius
What books are you currently reading? Are you planning to read 10,20,100 books in the next year?

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