Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The Lego Tradition

My mom has a Christmas village that she gets out every Christmas and I've been contributing to it, for the last few years, by buying Lego houses that we build together. The one I got this year is from the Harry potter set that contained 2 houses.

I had a blast building it but it was painfully obvious that my mom wasn't enjoying herself. What I found, through this ordeal, is that my mom isn't really comfortable doing things that she's not used to do regardless of how simple it is (Lego steps are simple) and all she wanted to do was to give up however she stuck to it and was very proud of herself once it was completed. 

If I look at myself, I share this with my mom in the sense that I, too, want to give up relatively easily when I do something that I'm not comfortable in doing but I usually tend to stick to it, with some complaining, and am usually proud of myself once it's completed due to the extra struggle I felt doing it.

I told my mom that I was getting a bigger Lego house next year. Any suggestions?

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