Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Should There Be Another Lockdown?

In Canada, many provinces are tackling their 4th wave and one has to wonder: Should there be another lock-down? 

The answer to this question becomes increasingly difficult as more and more people are getting their vaccines. The vaccine, let us recall, doesn't prevent us from getting the virus - it just greatly diminishes our chances of needing to go to the hospital or actually dying from the disease while also being less contagious. Most people that are in the hospital, right now, are those that don't have both shots.
In an ideal world, the only people that we should see in hospital right now are those with both vaccines that still have complications from the virus.

I don't really have any pity left for those that could, but didn't, take the vaccines. I believe there will be a time when medical professional will have to make the difficult decision not to treat those that don't have both vaccines. I hope we never get to this point, because who would want to make such a decision, but what do you do when the only other alternative is total collapse of the medical system? What do you do when you can only save 1 of 2 COVID patients and one of them has the vaccines and the other doesn't? Ideally, you would want to put your effort towards the person that, statistically, has a better chance at survival.

This would be way more easier, on everybody, if everyone would just get vaccinated. We're fortunate to live in a world where we have vaccine to fight off deadly diseases and I fail to understand why some people are more afraid of the vaccine than the virus itself.

Some people say that they want to "do their own research" before taking the vaccine well how about you look at the statistics? How many people died of the virus? How many people died of the vaccine? How many people died of Covid with the vaccine vs how many died without it? 

The data is already available for people looking to do their own research. What they heck are they waiting for? Do the research, come to the same conclusion as the majority, and get vaccinated. 

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