Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Feeling Nostalgic

When I was younger, my dad would tell me that I should go out with friends as much as possible and that I was living the best years of my life. At the time, I was a overweight kid with low self-esteem and talking like a chipmunk which made me doubt in my dad's words of wisdom.

After college I moved out of the city I was born in and tried making a life for myself in a few different places in Canada only to come back to my hometown roughly 12 years later. Since coming back I haven't really been able to connect with my friends in large part due to COVID but also because we've grown with responsibilities of our own. My friends are married, have kids and I generally busy with the responsibility these things brings.
Thinking about this makes me feel nostalgic about the good old days. As a kid I wasn't the party type but my friends and I would hang out all the time to play outside or to play some video games. Sure, we can still hangout and do some of these things but it won't be the same as we have other things that we also have to do. The focus is not as much in the moment as it used to be.

It's not clear to me when was the last time we all hung out but one thing is certain is that, at the time, nobody thought this would of been our last time together.

All this to say that, if you're younger, you should listen to my Dad and hangout with your friends as much as possible and enjoy it while it last because next thing you know, one of them will move to a new city, the other will get married and perhaps one may even die unexpectedly (R.I.P. Rene). Oh, sure, you'll make new friends but it won't be the same.

Life is short.

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