Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Stop Drinking Sugary Drinks

Clever marketing campaigns have sold people on the idea that things such has diet sodas are healthy. While we can argue that they are an healthier alternative than the sugar packed regular sodas, they are definitely not healthy.

A recent study has shown that diet soda may be linked to an increase risk of strokes and other diseases.

I would argue that the term "diet" should be removed from the diet soda cans altogether. Nobody, who's serious about dieting, have included such items as diet sodas as part of their diets.
One of the problems with the sugar derivatives (other than the potential health risks), such as Aspartame, is the fact that they are sweeter to the taste than regular sugars and it increases our craving for more sugar as a result.

Sugar is a drug with the power to kill us when consumed in large amounts.

Instead of drinking sugary drinks - why not just add slice of lemons or oranges to regular water? Or try non sugary sparkly water?

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