Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Entertainment Addiction is Making Us Anti Social

It is not social media as much as entertainment in general that made us antisocial creatures. We would rather stay home and entertain ourselves than entertain guess in our own home or go at social gatherings.

After a certain age, it is normal for most to start loosing relationships in to focus on more important ones. Everyone needs a friend, however, and there's a problem when there are no one to interact with.

When did socializing become such a burden? Since we are social creatures, what does this mean for our overall health? What part does it play in our mental Health? Could it be the reason behind the rise in people with depression?

Entertainment is an addiction, and like addictions, it makes us more distant from others. The problem with the entertainment addiction is that it seems to go unnoticed for longer periods. Since we're not injecting ourselves with a chemical, or drinking a substance, we don't associate it as an addiction.
We just sit and watch another episode, play another level, listen to another track, check on another web page... it is a problem when you would rather do these things than to go socialize.

A life of fulfillment is not filled with addictions. There's a time to socialize and a time to for entertainment. Put limits on yourself so that you don't miss out on this journey.

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