Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Health for Granted - Until It's Gone

Too often, people take their health for granted. They smoke, eat badly, don't exercise ... all is fine until it's not.
Why do we still have so many people smoke cigarettes today when it has been proven that smoking cause health issues.

I've been in contact with people that have told me that their health was important to them while they were lighting up a cigarette.
If your health is important to you, you have to prove it with actions rather than words and there's a pretty extensive list that you have to follow.
If you, for example, eat healthy but still smoke cigarettes - it means that you don't care about your health.

Health is not about looking like a magazine cover. It's about paying attention to what you consume and do with your body. Don't take your health for granted because you will regret it once it starts to fade away.

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